Why choose Personal
Diets over other Online Diets, Diet Software and Commercial Diets?

  Proven Diet Success Outcomes Flexible/
Easy to Follow
Custom Developed Healthy/ Safe Convenience Assesses Your Diet Habits, Strengths & Weaknesses Before Preparing
A Diet
Expert Confidential Help & Support Interactive
Online Support
Follows Research Recommendations from both Weight Loss Registry & NHLBI
PersonalDiets *Yes Yes Yes Yes/Yes Yes Yes Yes- "real" confidential  expert support Yes Yes Yes
Weight Watchers None Found Yes No Yes/Yes Yes No No Meetings No **No
(Ediets) No
eDiets.com produces minimal weight loss results
No No

(eDiets notes they are personalized but they're 100% automated... not custom developed by a professional
Yes/Yes Yes No No

offered is via diet forums not confidential
Email or Forum Support Technician Only   **No
Jenny Craig None Found No No Yes/Yes Yes No No Technician Only   **No
South Beach None Found No No Yes/Yes No No       **No
None Found   No Health/Safety Dependent on program No No   N/A   **No

*PersonalDiets tracks its members success rate. Dieters following PersonalDiets "Right-on-Track" progam are currently tracking a success rate of 85%.

**Research Recommendation are generally not adhered to by commercial diet companies.  It is the belief of this author (you be the judge) that these companies have a vested interest in the status quo of their respective foods, brands and services which often goes against following what current research reports as most beneficial.