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Does the app or web service use cookies?

PersonalDiets (aka Personal Dietitian) is first and foremost a company specializing in healthy diets for weight loss/weight control.  Therefore while cookies are used, we do not collect or use any personal information about our clients. Our site traffic log information is of a non-personal nature.  This information is used to assist us in member site & diet app redesign only

Does PersonalDiets collect any information from its clients?

NO. PersonalDiets collects information from you
for the sole purpose of designing your Personal Diet Plan.  We will not disclose any of your personal information unless given permission by you.  The only circumstance under which we would disclose your name or personal information is under requirement by law or to protect the rights and property of PersonalDiets, or if you ask us to send a copy of your plan to your doctor. 

What about your site's reputation for safeguarding information?
PersonalDiets has a real commitment to safeguarding your privacy on our web site, we operate under a strict set of privacy principles.   PersonalDiets takes care to respect the privacy of its online client and visitors.  Information is not collected by visitors for good reason, we don't use it. We don't ask extraneous questions because we respect your information and your privacy.

Dear Clients:
To provide individualized, custom personal plans, some basic personal information about you is needed.  As a professional and because of my personal sense of ethics I will never sell, or knowingly share your personal/demographic information with any person, company, or organization. The success of our program depends upon mutual trust: that you give us correct, honest information and that we keep it absolutely private. If you have any concerns, please contact me at: Contact Us

Craig Kohn, COO


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