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No False Promises - Money Back Guarantee:

We have designed our diet program to help you lose weight safely and effectively. Although no health professional or reputable company can unconditionally guarantee that their clients will lose weight, our history of success with our clients gives us the confidence to give you the following money back guarantee:

  • To receive a full refund, you must record your body weight each week at least 4 times a week and record your food intake each week at least 4 times a week using the “Right-on-Tracker”. Why?  Because research shows that people who record their weight and food intake regularly reach their weight goals more often than those who don’t, and our own tracking of clients’ weight loss confirms this.  (*Currently 85% of PersonalDiets' members tracking their success are losing weight) 

Your relationship with us is a partnership. We give you the tools, resources and expert support so that you reach your goals. We expect you to be equally committed and involved in your success by using your program regularly. People who use the tracking tools, support and other resources are losing weight and we want you to as well! 

  • Diet & Fitness Tools
    If you're not losing weight and you're using your “Right-on-Tracker” to log what's expected, your dietitian will know when you're not achieving progress. Supporting your success is part of our commitment to you and it sets us apart from the most on-line diets that lack professional oversight.

    Why It Works...

  • Expert Support
    Your Personal Dietitian is sent a "diet alert" message if you aren’t making progress. At the same time you will be sent a message suggesting that you contact the dietitian for some extra help. 
     Once you contact us for help, your dietitian may request that you keep a simple food record that can be analyzed so that further recommendations can be made to get you back on track. Failure to contact us when you receive a “contact the dietitian” message prompt within 3 days or failure to follow through on the dietitian’s recommendations will disqualify you from receiving a refund if you fail to lose weight by the end of your 13 week program. 

    At PersonalDiets, we’re committed to your health and weight goals and we know that you’ll get the help you need to be successful.  Click the back button or click here to purchase now!

    *At the time of this writing dieters following "Right on track" had a 85% weight loss success rate!  Cholesterol high blood pressure lowering,  and blood glucose reduction improvement readings are suggested but were not measured!