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Flexible Meal Plan
Your Personal Diet includes a flexible meal plan and your Dietitian's Recommended Diet. For some of you, these may be all you want or need. A meal plan can be a good first step because it is simple and it gives you a structure to follow. But meal plans alone can be too pre-planned for most people to follow long-term. They can be limited and may offer foods people don't like - or it just gets boring!  Personal Dietitian gives you a more flexible meal plan. Because we use a simple substitution system, you'll have more flexibility to choose foods. With your personal diet plan you can easily substitute for foods you don't like or can't have and be assured that you'll meet your nutrition needs and stay within your diet plan. Your meal plan is a great tool that will help you get started, but keep in mind that it is just one part of your plan. You aren't stuck just following a meal plan because we give you several ways to reach your goals.

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