Eat Naturally, Enjoy The Foods You Prefer
and Still REACH your Weight Loss Goal


As a registered dietitian, I know how hard... it is- no let's say how impossible it is... to stick to a diet when it contains foods you don't like.

I truly believe that one of the most important parts of a weight loss diet is being able to follow a meal plan suited to your needs. And when given the ability to substitute some foods you enjoy (within the context of the diet, of course) it will

1.  Eliminate the choosing of bad food choices

2.  Increase your weight loss commitment

3.  Help you make a long-term lifestyle change

If you've ever been on a diet before, you know how limiting the foods can be - they are foods chosen for you, by someone else. For example, if you're on Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers Diet (or a similar weight loss program) you are typically limited to eating the branded foods offered in their program. These programs can get very costly, and unfortunately don't really teach you how to select and prepare meals when you're not dieting.

For long-term success, it's my belief (and common sense) that it's best to eat the same foods you prefer (within the context of a natural diet) while you lose weight. And when starting to diet you should do things the right way.

When you choose the foods you prefer, you'll create a diet that is natural, practical and flexible. But where do you begin?

The first step involves taking an honest look at your eating habits. Then you may want to consider accessing the knowledge of a registered dietitian. We are nutritional experts that can customize a weight loss diet geared to your individual needs and weight loss objectives. After a personal meal plan is prepared, you can go online to review and customize your menu - substituting the foods you dislike with those you enjoy eating (within the context of your personal diet). What's more is I can even add additional foods you like. Take a look!

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With PersonalDiets each diet is designed to fit your personal tastes and needs! We offer a variety of foods choices and promote natural food choices. You'll receive a practical weight loss plan, with lot's of food choices that teaches you to make wise eating decisions.

  • Flexible - eat convenience foods, as well as your own recipes, or restaurants

  • Affordable - you can buy foods from your local grocery store

  • Natural - Eat fast foods or dine-out almost anywhere

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