Success Testimonials Our clients needed an easy diet to fit their lifestyle... and they found it.
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"This is great! Where did you come from?  (When my daughter was a little girl, my dad would ask her that, and she would always answer- Heaven.) So far (just printed everything out, quite successfully -- I was holding my breath) this looks fantastic. Comes at just the right moment in my life, too. Thanks. I'll study everything carefully and start getting organized today." 
Peggy M

"I haven't been using my Right-On-Tracker(™) recently but am satisfied with my results and was wondering what kind of maintenance diet I should now be on to maintain a weight of 120 pounds? Thank you for all your help."
Sincerely, K.T.

"I really want to thank you for all your help. I have lost over 69 pounds so far"

Set me up for the minimum 3 months. I went from 238 to 185. The 4 miles a day didn't hurt, but the nutritional information was great.
Regards, DJ

I am soooo glad I found you! I never knew planning and eating the many choices of meals could be fun. Easter weekend I was at 271 Lbs. After starting your plan, I am now at 263Lbs within 7 days. D.H. More Testimonials

 A Convenient & Practical Diet Our clients are busy people just like you
who need a
Convenient Diet that's easy to follow and use every day. Dining out, eating convenience foods, snacking, eating with family members & friends, cooking for others, and a hectic schedule are a part of everyone's life. That's why we built these into your
Personal Diet Plan. Life changes! If needed, and without extra cost, we'll make an adjustment that suits your needs.
PersonalDiets Biki™ will work for you!
Best Diet for you emphasis
Have a dietitian determine and prepare the best diet for you!
An easier to use - more natural, practical diet plan
A better meal plan because it's created by an expert and 100% customizable...
...and because every diet begins with a professional assessment of your current diet habits
your plans details exactly how to effectively lose weight considerate of your personal choices.
Expert oversight assures your personal diet fits your lifestyle better
Flexible - Convenient - Practical Meal Plans for your diet type: Recipe Meal Plans - Convenience Meal Plans or Combination Meal Plans. A diet that allows you to make changes that best suit your needs and preferences
Eat more foods that you like - we appreciate the importance of good food choice
Don't like something on your menu plan? With PersonalDiets you can add, delete and modify it to suit your needs; even add favorite foods and recipes to your plan.
Your Menu Plans Include Custom Automated Grocery Lists
Greater CONVENIENCE and Customization is what distinguishes our Dietitian's Custom Diet Plans; our automated grocery list is no different Choose the foods you like and get a custom
automated grocery list.
Get help every step of the way with THE WEEKLY FOCUS™ 
A Proven Diet
85% using our diet are succeeding!
Health, Weight Loss Diet needs and Lifestyle are all considered
Get expert help & support with your diet related medical issues
A diet you can have confidence and trust in
Proven - A History of Success - Since 1999
Get Right-on-Track & enjoy the custom diet difference
Exclusive Diet Tools & Support that work!