Why is a Dietitian Your Best Choice For Weight Loss?
As a registered dietitian I've encountered some of the most challenging dieters. Dieters with issues ranging from severe obesity (who's health hinges on losing several hundred pounds) to dieters that want to drop 30 pounds in a few months in order to feel more attractive for an upcoming function.


I find that each person has his or her own reasons for losing weight, and I'm not here to be judgmental, only helpful. My role is to provide the guidance and support to help people overcome their weight loss challenges.


Dietetics is a highly scientific profession that requires quite a bit of training and education.  Dietitians must complete a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a college/university as well as an accredited experiential program. Plus we also need to pass a national credentialing exam. Which makes us well qualified to help you.


Weight Loss Diet - Experts Did you know that Dietitians study a variety of subjects too?

ü     Food and nutrition sciences

ü     Culinary arts

ü     Sociology

ü     Communication

ü     Biochemistry

ü     Psychology

ü     Organic chemistry


ü     Physiology

ü     Microbiology

ü     Anatomy

ü     Computer science

ü     Chemistry …

ü     and more?


So I firmly believe that regardless of your weight loss objective, it's always best to work with a professionally trained and experienced dietitian.


Yet unfortunately, most people still turn to friends, relatives, or commercial diet companies for their weight loss programs. In fact, only about 1% of the entire population gets expert nutritional help. It's no wonder there is such a weight loss epidemic in our country!

In order to succeed, it's my belief (and common sense) that eating real foods that you prefer (within the context of a natural diet) is the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off.

When starting to diet you should do things the right way, the first time. Eating right for weight loss is a lifestyle change, which requires help from someone who can simplify dieting, and help dieters to create goals that can be easily applied and achieved.

Many people don't realize the education and science that is found "behind the scenes" of PersonalDiets.  We actually help you to choose the foods you prefer, and create a diet that is natural, practical and flexible.


I invite you to see how a diet designed specifically for you by a dietitian, can help you lose weight safely and easily.

With PersonalDiets each diet is designed to fit your personal tastes and needs! We offer a variety of foods choices and promote natural eating. You'll receive a practical weight loss plan, where you're able to select the foods you enjoy.


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