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Personal Eating Guidelines
Your eating guidelines are another way to help you reach your diet and health goals. You'll be able to use your eating guidelines to make substitutions to your meal plan, or you can simply use your guidelines as a way to make choices throughout the day that will keep you on track with your diet plan.

Use the simple tool called the "Right-on-Tracker" and it will help making the right choices even easier. By using your "Right-on-Tracker" you can eat any foods with just a little planning. The "Right-on-Tracker" gives you the food groups and amounts specific for your personal needs.  Now you can balance your own diet nutritionally and eat the correct amounts of foods for your needs.  With a little planning you'll be able to apply it to any eating situation - that gives you a lot more freedom than a rigid meal plan. When you use your guidelines, you won't feel that you have to plan your life around your diet anymore - you'll be able to apply your guidelines even if don't know when and where your next meal will be because you will learn how to make the best choices in any situation.

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