The Benefits of PersonalDiets' Weight Loss Plan & Program

Thanks for your interest in PersonalDiets! This information will help you understand what your plan will include.


Here's how it works!

After receiving your weight loss profile, our registered dietitians will review your answers and set up a weight loss diet based on your personal needs.

Your weight loss diet will contain FOUR key components:

1. Your Dietitian's Meal Plan

This meal plan is created just for you! We use information from your personal profile including your weight loss goals, your health needs, your current exercise and activity level, and your lifestyle to create a meal plan that fits you the best.

You’ll start with a daily plan of dietitian recommended food and beverage choices with the right balance of energizing foods at each meal and snack. That way, you’ll have the right mix of foods and you’ll know exactly what portion sizes you should choose to stay on track whether you cook, choose packaged meals, travel, or dine out.

Amounts and calorie content of each choice are listed along with substitutions you can make for each food or meal choice. For added convenience you can print out your weekly diet, as well as a weekly grocery list.

2. Your Meal Plan

You can follow the dietitian’s meal plan just as it is or create your own meal plans by substituting the recommended foods with alternative choices. We use a simple substitution system so you can eat more of the foods you enjoy and still meet your nutritional needs and stay within your weight plan goals.

understand that a rigid pre-planned diet can set up failure which is why we’ve given our clients the flexibility to create their own meal and snack choices. At times we all crave certain foods, don't have the time or desire to prepare meals, and have last minute changes to schedules that make it impossible to follow a pre-planned diet. By using our Plan-A-Meal system you'll be able to adapt your diet to fit your day and combine real, natural foods with prepackaged foods, and even plan a few restaurant meals so that a hectic day doesn’t ruin your diet efforts.

3. Your Eating Guidelines

Eating guidelines are specific to your weight goals and give you the right balance of foods to eat so that you don’t need to follow a set menu plan each day. You'll get a simple tool called "Right-on-Tracker" that will help you make the right food choices. With "Right-on-Tracker" you'll be prepared for any eating situation. We use these same eating guidelines to build your meal plan and you can use these tools together or by themselves.

This tool gives you a quick reference of the types and amounts of each food you should eat throughout the day. With "Right-on-Tracker" you can check off the foods as you eat them and quickly tell whether you’re or over or under your goals for the day. You’ll be able to see how your food choices add up throughout the day so you can have more control over your own diet and learn how to balance your own choices to fit your weight loss goals. You'll learn how to make the best choices in any situation, even if don't know when and where your next meal will be.

4. Your Diet Recommendations

From the information gathered from your personal profile, we also create an "Evaluation and Recommendations" page. This page relates to your unique diet habits and health concerns. By following our specific recommendations, we’ll help you meet certain health and nutrition goals based on your risk of disease.

We review your
current eating habits one by one and recommend changes that will help you to reach your weight loss goals, quickly and safely. These recommendations promote good cardiovascular health (lower cholesterol, lower sodium, low glycemic, high fiber, etc), and helps you to avoid potentially harmful substances in foods. These choices are most likely to lead to long term weight control whether it is eating more healthful foods or avoiding harmful ones.


Summary of PersonalDiets' Program

Use Exclusive Interactive Diet Tools

§  Plan-A-MealTM - Flexible Meal Planner

§  Personal Eating Guidelines

§ Right-on-TrackTM  Interactive Expert Support & Weight Tracking

§  Weekly Focus

§  Dietitian's Recommended Diet

§  Virtual Trainer

§  Expert's Resources


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